Linda Morand Model Moments

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1966 Linda Morand, an art student with only one picture, wearing the brand new Lilly Pulitzer design favored by Jackie Kennedy and the Plam Beach set, moved to  New York. Encouraged by everyone she met, she decided to try modeling as a part time career. Discovered by Eileen Ford and made over into a Space-Age Super Chick, a Sassoon bobbed, fast change artist who mops up a bunch of bad guys dressed in the latest fashions the new mini dresses and pants suits.  She inspired the editors at Mademoiselle Magazine who featured her in several back to back issues, including the cover in July 1966.  She was in demand for pattern magazines, fashion ads and more editorial at Conde Nast. Sent to Paris for the Spring 1967 Collections she became a muse to  Pierre Cardin. With Gosta Petersen and Helmut Newton, among several others, Morand participated increasing several memorable photos that have become iconic today available from the publishers as popular posters.

Sixties Moments


Moving to Paris at the very beginning of her career, she chose to remain in Europe to finish her education in art and history and and enjoy traveling throughout France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Spain, with side trips to exotic locals. She became engaged to a French gentleman who preferred that she not pursue a career in modeling. To please herself and her soon to be in-laws, she spent time traveling, painting, studying history and art, modeling part time if an opportunity was presented. From time to time she made special appearances  in  L’Officielle, her mother-in law’s favorite magazine, wearing the new designer pret-a porter, and  she occasionally posed for a few pages with Bob Krieger, Helmut NewtonH and ans Feurer for Vogue and Bazaar.Her most memorable special bookings include a layout with Willy van Rooy in Vogue Paris, and the cover of Bazaar Italia.

Seventies Moments



Linda Morand retired from modeling in 1975 to begin a family.  She later opened a successful modeling school and a photography studio, traveling around the United States.

Having lost her entire portfolio, Linda was so delighted to have found over 3, .00 photos of herself sent by a coterie of avid 60s fans. Upon asking for pictures of the rest of her colleagues, she began a website to collect and identify them all by name and date.

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