HERE IS A LIST OF THE TOP MODELS WE RE-DISCOVERED Top 60’s MODELS Agneta Darin Agneta Frieberg Alana Collins Alberta Tiburzi Ali MacGraw Andrea Dromm Andrea Rimaldi Angela Howard Angela MacDonald Anjelica Huston Ann Schaufuss Ann Turkel Anne Charlotte Anne de Zogheb Anne Hollbrook Anne Larson Anne Powers Anne Rebot Anne St. Marie Antonia Apollonia Read More →


> By the mid 1950’s, African-American models were making cautiously optimistic inroads into mainstream print ads and television commercials. Dorothea Towles is generally credited with being the first successful Black high fashion mannequin, having appeared on the runways of Paris. One of the most glamorous models of the Fifties, American born Dorothea Towles, was renowned Read More →