Linda Meets Jackie Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy and Linda Morand recently met at that chic New York “dive” where Lost Weekend was filmed: P.J.Clarke’s and the two eyed each other suspiciously. There was every reason for the prolonged glance of cool appraisal. The two are look-alikes 21-year-old Linda Morand being the younger, prettier version.

Linda Newton

Helmut Newton 1973

Click to see full layout:  Helmut Newton shot this layout in the streets of Paris in 1973 for Vogue. Featuring Linda Morand, who bore such a striking resemblance to Jackie O that for a moment everyone was fooled. Richard Avedon sent a telegram of congratulations. Jacqueline was ready to sue….but Linda’s name was mentioned in […]


Hans Feurer 1974 VOGUE

PARIS COUTURE Editorial Series shot in and around Place de la Concorde – Paris France. Click to see full layout. Hans Feurer Tweet


Gosta Peterson 1966

Iconic photographer Gosta Petersen created a series of unforgettable images of Linda Morand. Several are still available for sale at Conde Nast and shown in museums. Series of 10 images 1966 z Tweet


Willy Rizzo – 1967 Alexandre de Paris

ALEXANDRE DE PARIS Created this short style on Linda Morand.  The photo called “La Ligne Pomme” graced the walls of his elegant salon which catered to Elizabeth Taylor and other great stars of the era. One photo.   Tweet


About miniMADMOD60s

 FOUNDED BY MEMBERS OF THE FASHION AND MODELING INDUSTRY Former Ford model has helped to bring thousands of the Twentieth Century’s most beautiful and iconic fashion and beauty images to light. By: D. Wilson It began when Linda Morand, a painter and writer, began posting stories and pictures from her private blog “Diary of a Mod […]


Linda Morand and Willy van Rooy Vogue Paris – Photo Essay 1974

One of the brightest moments in my modeling career was meeting Willy van Rooy a phenomenal young woman who was so much more than a model.  She is a talented designer of jewelry, clothing and shoes.  You can read more about the fabulous Willy on her very interesting blog Willy van Rooy  1 Tweet

Artistic Rendering by Samantha Perez

Paris in the 60s

  Modeling in Paris In the mid summer of 1966  I was an art student, studying fashion illustration in New York City. Because I was so tall and thin, people were constantly encouraging me to try to be a model. I did not think I had a chance, but after a slow start I was […]

Linda Morand by Gregg Nystrom

Nystrom Paper Dolls

Gregg Nystrom is an artist living in Houston, TX. All his life he has been fascinated with drawing people, especially their faces. The movie stars from Hollywood and the beauties of the modeling industry particularly held his interest. From the silent stars of the 1920s to the modeling greats of the 1960s, they were all […]

968full-linda-morand (2)

Roberto Ferrantini 1969

Roberto Ferrantini Rome 1969 Publicity for “Pussycat, I Love You,”     Rom Tweet